Hierarchical pattern matching for anomaly detection in time series


As companies rely on an ever increasing number of connected devices for their day to day operations, a need arises for automated anomaly detectors to constantly observe crucial device metrics in real time to prevent downtime and data loss. As production environments tend to monitor a huge amount of these metrics, it prevents current state-of-the-art techniques to be deployed as the required computational resources is too high. This paper proposes a lightweight anomaly detection method that can be deployed in these environments without a reduction in accuracy. The approach works fully online, and does not require an extensive history set to be kept in memory. The method is benchmarked on the publicly available Numenta dataset, as well as a network monitoring dataset from different environments provided by a network management solution vendor. These benchmarks show the proposed technique to be very competitive with the current state-of-the-art and exceeding it in production applicability.