OWL2Streams: an Evaluation Framework for Expressive Stream Reasoning

A benchmark for expressive stream reasoning over continuous data streams

Towards an Evaluation Framework for Expressive Stream Reasoning

Context-aware route planning : a personalized and situation-aware multi-modal transport routing approach

RDF Stream processing prototyping with streaming MASSIF

C-Sprite : efficient hierarchical reasoning for rapid RDF stream processing

DIVIDE : adaptive context-aware query derivation for IoT data streams

In the Internet of Things, it is a challenging task to inte-grate & analyze high velocity sensor data with domain knowledge &context information in real-time. Semantic IoT platforms typically con-sist of stream processing …

Efficiënte verwerking van heterogene IoT-data aan de hand van expressieve redeneertechnieken

Subset reasoning for event-based systems

In highly dynamic domains such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart industries, smart manufacturing, pervasive health or social media, data is being continuously generated. By combining this generated data with background knowledge and performing …

A query model for ontology-based event processing over RDF streams

Context-aware patient monitoring through sensor streams